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Stepping it up

For the past week or two I have been stepping up my exercise routines. Last week I exercised FIVE DAYS of the seven day week. This week has been the same – and by exercise I am including the brisk walks that I take, as long as they are half an hour or longer.

Last night I met with my friend / trainer, Celeste for the first time in a long time. I decided it was time to really step up my exercise, training and diet. Yuck. I hate having to cut carbs – but I promised Celeste that I would try it for a little while. I am obviously not eliminating carbohydrates totally, because that would be impossible for me and it would make me very cranky (trust me, I’ve tried it a couple of times and it just does not work for my body). But I’m going to make a greater effort to eat more protein, and we will just have to go from there.

I did a great 35 minute workout with Celeste last night – we worked on strength training. After that I did 40 minutes of cardio. 10 minutes of running and 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, doing intervals the entire time. Even my strength workout was an interval training session – 20 seconds of hardcore exercise and 10 seconds of a break.

After the gym I rushed over to Whole Foods where I picked up  a piece of naked grilled chicken and some garlic green beans. This made a great dinner. I made an open faced sandwich with my homemade pesto, the grilled chicken and the green beans. (Yes – there is a piece of bread under there. I am not throwing out food – I just won’t buy more!)

Dinner last night:


Lunch today will look very similar – just no bread.

OK, I’m off to start my day. Happy Friday everyone! I will report back later today.


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