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Thursday – breakfast & lunch

Hi All –

Ok, well it is finally Thursday.  I have been thinking it was Thursday for a couple of days now – and so I am finally on track!

This morning Ben brought me coffee in bed – that is how tired I was! It was so nice to have coffee while still in bed – and it didn’t really make me want to get up.  (I was nice and cozy, and it was gray and raining outside!)  The caffine did it’s job eventually and I did get up.

I got to work around 8:45 and had breakfast immediately upon my arrival. Because I was running short of time at home – I threw a Clif Bar into my bag for breakfast.  cliffbar2

As Clif Bars go, this one was really good. It was chocolate chip peanut crunch. I ate the whole thing, which was 250 calories (11 grams of protein). It kept me full until well after my normal lunch time…

Lunch was a chicken curry wrap that I had to buy at the caf. chicken22

The wrap was a bit large today – but for some reason I ate most all of it. I blogged about the curry chicken last week or the week before when I split one with Katherine.  The curry chicken salad is so good! It has red grapes, walnuts and curry mixed in with the chicken and the wrap comes with green lettuce.

I was so full for the rest of the afternoon! At 4pm I had my afternoon snack – a fat free Jello pudding and a clementine. Yum. clementine


Talk about boring food for breakfast, lunch and snack – right? Sorry for such a non-interesting blog entry. I will be back with my dinner in a while!


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