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Wow – I survived my first SPIN class!  The class was at 6:30 tonight, and I ended up talking with Beth (the instructor) for about 15 minutes after class. Spin is pretty awesome – but my butt is feeling it already.  Oh well – no pain, no gain – right?

Anyhow – my basic recap of the day is as follows:

I woke up late again. I need to get to bed early tonight and get to work early tomorrow. Let’s see if that can happen!

I had coffee at home = but waited to have breakfast at work. I threw some fruit and snacks into my lunch bag and ran out the door. For some reason I was craving a bagel this morning. I love bread. It is a serious problem of mine. I had a bagel this morning at the caf. I added a little bit of butter to it. It was a good breakfast – and kept me full until lunch. Obviously not the best choice, but it is what I wanted.

For lunch I had a cup of minestrone soup. It was pretty good (and probably high in sodium)

With the soup I had a whole wheat roll.

Thankfully I had a super busy afternoon at work with two long meetings. I was not back at my desk until 3:45. By this time I was starving. Are you ready for the list of things I ate? It’s long.

First, I had a banana. It was small and very ripe. I knew that I had to eat it today because it would not be good tomorrow. It was perfect!

About 15 minutes later I had the following:

At 4:30 I totally fell off the wagon. I had a handful of Cheez Its. Seriously!? Ugh.

So after consuming the Reduced Fat Cheez Its, I got a bit worried. I do not usually count calories, because I think that by eating healthy (most of the time) and exercising regularly I keep myself pretty well in balance.

After my uncontrollable snacking – I totally counted all of my calories for the day. The afternoon snack was only a total of 270 calories (I was shocked!)  Lunch came to 291 calories (that was a seriously low calorie count for a meal – which is probably why I had so many snacks in the afternoon) and the bagel and butter was about 330 calories in the morning. This all added up to 890 for the day. Really not that much. Weird.

After the snacks, I worked late and then went directly to the gym for spin. Like I said, it was awesome! I am so pleased with myself that I survived the entire hour. There were two new spin students in the class tonight (I was one of them – obviously!) The other student left the class half way through.

I was totally nervous about taking a class at my gym – in all of the years I have gone to the gym, I have worked out on my own. I was always so nervous about going to a work out class – that I would not survive or that I would not be able to follow what the instructor was saying, etc. Spin is perfect, because you can still go at your own pace – but you have the instructor giving you an idea of what to aim for. It was definitely the best work out I can remember in a long time! I will let you all know what I feel like tomorrow. It was nice to have a break from running and weights!

I got home at 8pm and Ben had dinner under way. It was a perfect dinner for after a hard workout. We enjoyed whole wheat pasta, tomato sauce with veggies, and we added Morningstar “chicken” nuggets for extra protein.  Yum!

Ok, well that about sums everything up.  This blog is still a work in progress – so I will probably be dedicating some time to getting things up and running. Wish me luck!

By the way – does anyone else keep thinking that today is Thursday???  I am so confused!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. So, I forgot to tell you…i had b-fast right when i got up this morning. i had the kashi cereal to go thingy and a cup of coffee. it was sooo HARD to eat it so early. and i was starving by 10am. There was 6 grams of protein in the cereal so maybe it wasn’t enuf…

    I hate eating right when i get up! I am def not a b-fast in bed person unless i’ve been awake (or half awake) for at least an hour!

  2. Today is Thursday! Yippeee!

    I’m so sick of the treadmill/elliptical it’s not even funny…

    I have a gym membership that Dg bought me but their classes are at difficult hours, plus it’s hard to get to the gym when I can go to the first floor of my building and be done with it! I do luv my Pilates class tho. The APA subsidizes the class so it’s only $7.50 a pop twice a week. It’s great! But cuz of the holiday season the big conf rooms are always booked so it’s been cancelled a lot this month. Sad. I’m having left over amazing spinach salad dg made last night and an Eating Right Split Pea Soup cup (just add hot water). Back to lunch! oxox

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