Girls Night!

Tonight my sister and I met up after work and drove home to Rhode Island.  We enjoyed a really fun night with my mom.

We had a chickpea, tomato, garlic, dish for dinner. It was very good! The recipe actually calls for adding feta cheese the last few minutes of cooking… I took out my serving before my mom added the feta for the rest of the dish.

My sister made a pretty good salad with what was in the house – mushrooms, scallions, red peppers and lettuce.  My mom also had a great loaf of bread from Whole Foods which we put under the broiler to warm up. All aspects of the dinner came together so nicely!  Here was my plate tonight:

dinnerI had a second piece of bread and another helping of salad after eating everything on my plate!  I love chickpeas!

Chickpeas are high in protein, fiber and folate (aka Vitamin B9) while low in fat. They are also sometimes called garbanzo beans, in case you were wondering!


After dinner we cleaned up, and all sat down together to enjoy 30 Rock which was hilarious!

Well, I guess that is a pretty full re-cap of the day. I hope you are all gearing up for a great Friday!! I am so excited for another weekend. Even though I have been thinking that today is Thursday for the past three days, I still feel like this week went by pretty quickly!

See you all tomorrow!


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