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Friday – and Holiday Party #2

Happy weekend everyone!

I am so glad to be enjoying Saturday morning right now!  But before I get on to the weekend plans, I have to rewind and discuss Friday.

I had a dentist appointment in Providence on Friday morning. I was able to sleep in just a little bit – which was super nice. New England was in the throws of a huge storm all day Thursday and early Friday morning. A lot of the roads in Massachusetts and Rhode Island were flooded or iced over – it was a bit of a disaster. By the time I had to leave for my appointment, the rain had ended and a lot of the traffic problems had dissipated.

I had time for breakfast before I left my mom’s house – a bowl of Cheerios with half a banana and just a sprinkle of granola I found. It was such a good combo and kept me full until 12:30 in the afternoon!

After the dentist I decided to stop by Whole Foods and pick up something for lunch. I really was not sure what I would end up getting, but I needed something and Whole Foods certainly had a lot to choose from. Since it was only 10:30 I was happy (and surprised) to see that their salad bar stuff was out. I decided to get a small salad – but I was a bit sad to see they did not have protein on the salad bar. I was hoping to see some tofu to add to the salad. Oh well! I picked up a blue berry Chobani for protein instead.  On my way out I also bought a medium sized coffee – which was fantastic, and helped with the headache I had since waking up in the morning.

Due to the storm, getting back to Boston and my office took a lot longer than usual. Blah!

Lunch was fantastic though! I had taken a English muffin from my mom’s house and it made a perfect addition to the salad I bought.

The salad had spinach, lettuce, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, peppers, a spoonful of hummus, one falafel ball and a small bit of pasta salad. I broiled the muffin in the toaster oven with a little bit of butter.

After lunch, I snagged two chocolate pieces from the staff kitchen. Yum!

I was not very hungry most of the day yesterday. I guess it was probably related to the horrible head ache that stayed with me all day!

Last night was Ben’s holiday party for the faculty and staff at the school he works at. It was a very nice evening.  I guess I was lucky that I was not very hungry, because the entire night I had only one glass of pinot noir, a few crackers, one crab cake, a few raviolois stuffed with spinach and veggies (these were amazing!) and a piece of whole wheat bread.   The desserts last night were divine. They were dark chocolate cups filled with a light chocolate mouse, with strawberries and blackberries. Wow – the best part of the night!

That about sums everything up from yesterday! Hope you all have a great weekend.



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