What happens after a long run…

… you eat.

Am I the only one who is usually starving after long runs??? Today I ran over eight miles. Then I walked around a bit on the East Side of Providence. As I said before, breakfast was on the very light side (I am so making oatmeal tomorrow in hopes to get read of this hunger!) and my post run meal was fun. After I left Starbucks and walked around for a half hour or so, I headed home.

Once I got home I went straight to the kitchen where I got a big handful of carrots, a tablespoon of garlic and chive hummus and a small handful of crostinis. This was a great snack. I also drank 24 ounces of water 🙂 [for the record, I carry a water bottle with me on all of my runs, and usually drink at least 16 ounces on my longer runs. While I was having my latte and yogurt this afternoon, I also refilled my water bottle at Starbucks and enjoyed water during my visit.)

For dinner my mom roasted a chicken, she made red bliss mashed potatoes, and a roasted beet salad with pistachios on a bed of mixed greens. (I snacked on several pistachios before dinner, too) Dinner was amazing and a pretty great meal because it had a wonderful mix of protein and carbs.

The salad was beautiful and had a wonderful flavor. Beets are so healthy and good for you!!


The chicken was amazing and was a great source of protein for me. I plated my dinner on a small sandwich plate – I felt like I was eating a lot!


I drank another 12 ounces of water with dinner. An hour after dinner I was still hungry. Disturbing. I made a huge mug of peppermint tea. I also toasted the last Arnold’s sandwich thin half (only 50 calories) and put peanut butter on it and sprinkled the bread with semi-sweet chocolate chips. This was the best snack.

Because I am still hungry I air popped some popcorn. No salt or butter added, so this is a pretty light snack. It is nice because there is a good amount of popcorn, and you can eat it slowly. This is going to be the last thing I eat today – hopefully! I really need to get my post – run hunger into check. Any suggestions on what to eat after a long run???

Popcorn is a good snack to have while I am watching the GOP debate and reading my book:


Good night y’all. Hope you have had a fun Saturday. See you tomorrow! (I think some amazing chicken noodle soup will be on the menu – if I am lucky!)


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