Dinner · Lunch · Walk · Workout

Wednesday’s re-cap

So far this week has been decent. I am back into the workout routine and for the most part (sans the mac and cheese ordered at Monday night’s dinner) I am back to eating well. It is always a good feeling when you can get back to working out AND eating well at the same time.

Wednesday I took the train to work. It was a nice change – much needed since the driving commute has been a tad stressful the last two weeks. I really enjoyed the train in the morning – I spent most of the time in the morning typing on the netbook and publishing Tuesday morning’s blog post. Commute time well spent, if I do say so myself!

Once I was at South Station I stopped by AuBonPain where the man waiting on me told me that he loved my smile. Which made me smile even more as I was filling up my large coffee.

I got some walking in on my way to the office, and a quick phone call to AFM. My morning was off to a good start.

Breakfast was a granola bar. Nothing to write home about. I had a morning snack too, which was a small bag of dried frosted mini wheat.

At lunch I went for a walk to yet another ABP. I had brought a salad from home, but it had a grand total of ZERO protein. A problem I knew I needed to solve. I went over to the ABP salad bar and got one egg, two pieces of chicken, a spoonful of tuna and some chickpeas. Not a bad pick up – and some great protein!

I walked back to work and mixed together my salad. It was such a winner!!

I loved every single bite of this salad.

In the mix today was arugula, spinach, orange and red peppers, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes. Along with the addition of the protein and croutons. The dressing was a touch of olive oil and a splash of balsamic (keeping it simple). I also had a small piece of homemade bread on the side. Yum.

The protein kept me full for the rest of the day at work!  I walked just over a mile to the train to start my commute home. I was so glad that it did not rain – even though thunder storms were in the forecast. It might have rained later, but it held off until I was on the train.  I started reading my nook on the train and quickly fell asleep for 15 minutes. Oops! I woke up after a bit, and ate a banana.

Once off the train I drove straight to the gym where  I did a twenty minute warm up on the elliptical and then met with my trainer for a great 30 minute work out. Combined with my walks during the day, I felt like I had a pretty decent day in the exercise department.

I did not get home from the gym until a couple of minutes after 8 o’clock. At this point I was tired, cranky, stressed and not hungry. I showered and my mom prepared dinner which she made me eat even though I was not hungry at all and I was going to have just a Greek yogurt for dinner.
Mom made some great chicken! We paired it with tomatoes and a slice of cantaloupe and it was a great dinner. I ended up having a small container of Stoneyfield’s chocolate Greek yogurt for dinner (only 100 calories and 10 grams of protein).

This dinner was a winner, too:

Happy Thursday everyone.  I hope your day is off to a great start!


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