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Humpty Dumpty

Congratulations on making it to Wednesday – hump day. When the thought of hump day came into my head as I was riding on the train this morning, Humpty Dumpty popped into my head immediately. Perhaps it is because I have not had coffee yet? Perhaps it is because I am riding on a train and typing on my computer and it is only 7am. Who knows.

Thankfully I am not sitting on a wall, and I do not intend on having a great fall and breaking in to pieces. But it is early yet – and you never know.


I thought I would give a quick recap of food and exercise for Tuesday. I spent the night a little closer to work on Monday because I had to work late again, and a couple of friends and I went out to dinner after work. More on this later… (I promise)

Tuesday morning I slept in a little which was lovely.  I left the house at 7:30 and I was only a few miles away from the office. I thought getting to work was going to be a breeze. How wrong I was! It took me 50 minutes to get to work – which was less maybe ten miles away from my friend’s house. 5-0 minutes. In the summer I can get to the office in less than 50 minutes on a good day – and I am 37 miles away from the office. Ahh September.

So anyhow. I packed breakfast and lunch on Sunday for Tuesday because I knew I would be spending the night away from home. I packed dried cereal for breakfast (I could buy a little container of skim milk at the cafe at work) and a frozen Kashi meal for lunch. I threw in a Greek yogurt and a granola bar for good measure.

The cereal was amazing. How totally strange it is to crave cereal. I guess it is because I never have it because I never have breakfast at home during the week, and on the weekends I either would like something a little more special or I am on the go. Last Friday morning my friend Katherine had Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast at her house.  Ever since then I had been craving FMW. I bought some over the weekend and yesterday was the first day I had a bowl. They were really good – as far as cold cereal goes!

I spent most of the morning in meetings, and I was so pleased that I did not feel hungry at all and made it through until lunch without a problem.

A nice surprise at lunch [sort of] – was that I had forgotten there was a staff meeting at noon and that lunch was provided and catered. Sweet. The Kashi meal lives to fight for another day in the freezer in the staff room.

The staff lunch was mostly sandwiches. There were three choices. Ham and cheese, turkey and cheese and fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil pesto. Most people took two half sandwiches. I knew that I should only take one half of a sandwich but I was torn between the turkey and the tomato mozzarella. So I took two sandwich halves and enjoyed both of them. I took the cheese off of the turkey sandwich and added some brown spicy mustard and it was great. I also stole some grapes that were probably being used as a garnish on the sandwich trays and ate them. I also had a small bag of Cape Cod potato chips which was only 70 calories. (I love small bags of chips!!) There were four different variety of cookies on the table, but I opted to not have a cookie with lunch.

Not surprisingly I did not need to eat for the rest of the day at work.  I drank a lot of water and had a diet coke at some point during the afternoon. I left work at 4:15 and drove straight home. I was surprised that it only took me an hour to get home, the traffic was decent considering it is September.

I had to go home before my run to drop off Monday night’s dinner left overs. I talked with my mom on my drive home and told her that under no condition was she allowed to let me sit down and not go running. Sometimes you need all of the encouragement you can get. I was rallying the troops. Thankfully I got the run done. I was very low energy, but it is so much better to run than to not run and feel guilty or stressed about it.  I ran 3 1/2 miles and then walked for a half mile cool down. Total miles covered, 4.

To me, dinner always tastes better after a run. But last night it took me quite some time to the point where I could eat dinner. After the run I showered, dressed and did a few things around the house. Then I got into the kitchen where I made three salads. One for me for dinner tonight, one for mom’s dinner and one for my lunch tomorrow. Thank goodness the only other aspect of dinner was heating up a leftover chicken mac and cheese dish from Monday night.

Dinner came together rather nicely when it was finally done. I was not eating until 8:20 last night. It was a long day! It was the first time I was sitting down at home all day. It felt great.

Mac and Cheese is never pretty but here it is:

The salad on the other hand was gorgeous:

I picked up the most beautiful tomatoes at Whole Foods last night after my run along with some carrots and arugula. I am hoping this is my last stop at the market until Saturday when AFM and I go to the farmer’s market.

Speaking of the weekend – yesterday I made dinner reservations at Cook and Brown for dinner on Saturday night.  I am so excited to finally go to C&B for the first time. They change their menu often because they only use fresh and local ingredients for their meals, but I studied the menu yesterday and I am completely in love with what they were offering this week. I wonder what the menu will be like on Saturday – I hope at least one or two of the offerings stay the same because I would have happily ordered anything on the menu that was up yesterday. I cannot wait to tell you all about it.

OK. It is still Wednesday morning and I am still on the train – but being efficient. Tonight I have a workout on the elliptical and a training session with Celeste on the books for 7 o’clock. It is going to be a busy but productive day, I hope.

Happy Hump Day everyone!



5 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty

    1. Ha. Most of the cereal is hiding underneath the milk, don’t worry. Ahh – those pancakes and the eggs were amazing. We might have to visit a diner this weekend…

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