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Rain, mist and baseball?

Hey everyone –

I think I might have mentioned what a busy week we have on tap… which sort of stinks because I still have not been able to go to the grocery store yet. This is when food blogging gets (a) embarrassing and (b) boring. Bare with me. I promise to [try] and get to the market at some point tomorrow  – even though it is going to be another late night.

OK, breakfast was awesome… but the morning at home was rushed. It was raining and gray, and that makes it really hard for me to get out of bed early… or on time for that matter.  So, I was running late.

I had a multi-grain English muffin with a tablespoon of Teddie peanut butter and half a banana, sliced. It was a great breakfast – especially since I was in such a rush getting out the door this morning.  Oh – I also ran over to B&C to grab a medium french roast coffee – my favorite of theirs!

I survived until lunch time! 🙂 The breakfast was about 240 calories. I am craving some fresh berries – so hopefully I will find some tomorrow if I can make it to the store.

For lunch I was thinking salad, soup or a sandwich. I have been craving a basic turkey sandwich this week… which is what I settled on at Au Bon Pain. For the add-ons I selected romaine lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber, sprouts and roasted red pepper hummus – all on multi-grain bread. I’m wondering if ABP stopped serving sprouts during the last salmonella outbreak (??) because they were not on my sandwich and I was sad about it. 😦

But none the less, the sandwich was wonderful.

After lunch I snacked on two Starburst candies… I hate our office candy jar!!

My afternoon tea break was at 3:30 in the afternoon – and I enjoyed Tazo’s Berryblossom White tea which was fantastic.

I had the tea in my Rosie the Riveter mug:

The tea break was much needed because it was [almost?] cold today. It was gray, raining most of the day and then misting and drizzling for the evening. What a great day to go to Fenway to cheer on the Red Sox as they take on the Yankees! That is what Ben and I did after work today.

Before heading to the game we stopped by UBurger for hamburgers.  I took a picture of mine, but it did not come out very well – so I will tell you what I had. A hamburger with tomato, lettuce, Swiss cheese and grilled mushrooms.  Ben ordered the Yuppie Burger (hamburger with Swiss cheese, mushrooms and bacon – it is soo good, fyi) and onion rings. I definitely had a couple of onion rings.  I do love UBurger.

We had a fun time at Fenway. Especially because the Red Sox ended up winning 7-0. It was a wet night, and I was so happy to have my Red Sox poncho, it kept me pretty dry. It was also cold which was not quite as fun. It was funny to see the vendors change their options as the night went on. The guy that was selling ice cream sandwiches eventually came back with hot chocolate, and  was much more popular with the hot option!

Anyhow, it’s after 11 o’clock now, so I am going to sign off and head for bed. I hope you are all having a great week!


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