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Wednesday – half way through a busy week

I just did not get to the blog yesterday… but here it is:

I had breakfast at home yesterday morning – an awesome bowl of Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal (with flakes and twigs) and light vanilla soy milk.

It was really good – I love this cereal even though I do not eat it all that often. I think the fiber helps keep me full.

I was so surprised that this cereal somehow got me through until lunch, even though I got hungry around 11 AM.
I had lunch while reading my new book, Julie and Julia.

Lunch was definitely nothing Julia Child would have been impressed with… organic low fat vanilla yogurt with granola, and a peanut butter and jam sandwich on Dakota bread. It was shockingly satisfying. . .

Wednesday was my longest day of work this week. I arrived at work a few minutes after 8 o’clock in the morning, and did not leave work until a bit after 7 o’clock in the evening… it seemed like a long day!

On my way home I stopped by Whole Foods for a salad… it was strange, because usually WF salads are the best things in the world for me. This one left something to be desired, but I cannot figure out what. It was sort of frustrating. I hate it when I cannot pin point what I am longing for when I have a great assortment of food, and I feel like something is missing.

The salad had grape tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cranberry cous-cous, tofu, chic peas, cucs, carrots and corn.

That about wraps up the food selections for the day. Sorry to say that all though I was at WF for the salad, I had not eaten in eight hours by that point, and I did not have the energy or desire to go grocery shopping (so WEIRD!) so we still are dealing with a serious lack of food in the home of Heather & Ben.  Meh.

Hope everyone had a great hump day!!


One thought on “Wednesday – half way through a busy week

  1. That cereal doesn’t look so bad in the pic, but I don’t think I could eat something that literally listed an ingredient “twigs!” ; )

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