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Thursday – eating in the heat?

OK, I know I’ve already said this – but it is HOT here today!!  there is not too much to discuss since I have not been hungry for most of the day.

I had another Blueberry Wheat Bran muffin for breakfast and a great cup of coffee.

I had a few morning meetings, and got a bit hungry before lunch – but took my break at 12:30. My colleague and I decided to eat at the picnic tables outside.

I had prepared a great salad this morning, and brought along a  hard boiled egg, garlic croutons and a tablespoon of Annie’s Goddess dressing.  I dove right into my salad after working hard to peel the hard boiled egg 🙂

Thankfully I remembered to take a picture before I was totally done with the salad!

I brought along a piece of whole wheat pita bread… but did not need it with lunch. At four o’clock I had half of the pita bread.

I am not sure what I am going to have for dinner. But when I got home I was hungry, and had a protein shake – ie a glass of 1% milk and a scoop of Aria. Ben and I are busy packing for the camping trip right now… and I just made a homemade batch of GORP with a few additions 🙂

My GORP has lightly salted peanuts, raisins, semi-sweet chocolate chips (not very many – they can melt!) and banana chips!  I cannot wait to snack on this stuff while we’re hiking!

OK, I gotta run and pack all of my stuff for the weekend. I hope you guys all have a great weekend, too!


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