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Thursday – eating in the heat?

OK, I know I’ve already said this – but it is HOT here today!!  there is not too much to discuss since I have not been hungry for most of the day. I had another Blueberry Wheat Bran muffin for breakfast and a great cup of coffee. I had a few morning meetings, and got…… Continue reading Thursday – eating in the heat?

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The first couple of days …

Hi Guys – Hope you are having a good week so far. Ben and I had a great hike on Sunday – even though the temperature was only in the high fifties on Sunday, I was comfortable hiking in my favorite City Sports tee-shirt most of the way – but being a responsible hiker, I…… Continue reading The first couple of days …

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Sunday hiking and food

Hey All – I am sad that the weekend is over. I had a pretty wonderful weekend, and I wish it was a longer one. Sunday was a great day. I decided to sleep in – and slept until 10am. The only thing I had on the agenda was to be out of the house…… Continue reading Sunday hiking and food


First neighborhood “hike” stats

Hey All – I just used the Map My Run app to map my neighborhood hike. It was 3.38 miles! What a good start to my training. It took me just under an hour to walk this. I was averaging just under a 15 minute mile. Not bad!

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Spring is coming… and food of the day

Hi All – Happy almost spring! The first day of spring is actually on Friday, but I’m celebrating a few days early. Today after work I went for a great walk in my hiking boots. I walked for just over an hour and burned 436 calories (who would have thought you could burn that many…… Continue reading Spring is coming… and food of the day