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The first couple of days …

Hi Guys –

Hope you are having a good week so far.

Ben and I had a great hike on Sunday – even though the temperature was only in the high fifties on Sunday, I was comfortable hiking in my favorite City Sports tee-shirt most of the way – but being a responsible hiker, I had two long sleeve layers for when I wasn’t hiking up such an incline, and in case the weather got colder.  Here is a pic from the hike – I am holding up two fingers for “Hike #2” of the spring season. 🙂

I’m not sure how far we hiked on Sunday (but I am going to figure it out – and I will report back when I do!) but we hiked for about two and a half hours.  It was so much fun! After the hike Ben and I went to the movies (in our stinky hiking clothes – nice!) and saw the movie Duplicity. If you’re looking for a good movie to see this weekend, I highly recommend it – we both liked it a lot. After the movies, I actually got myself to the grocery store – but I certainly did not have a “big shop” in me.  Instead I bought a light bread and Chobani yogurts for this week – they were on sale!!!

On Monday I had oatmeal for breakfast – Quaker Weight Loss banana bread with no add ins.

I was hungry by 11 am but managed to get through until lunch.  I was so excited to enjoy Chobani once again in my lunch! I cut up strawberries and blue berries and mixed those in with the vanilla Chobani and it was wonderful.

Along with the fruit and yogurt I had a peanut butter and jam sandwich on “light” oatmeal bread.  I really do not like “light” bread, but the entire sandwich was only 210 calories – and with the yogurt and berries, it was a pretty good lunch.

As an afternoon snack, I had crackers around 4pm.  For dinner last night I made Trader Joe’s steamed chicken wantons, rice and steamed broccoli. I made extra – and had the left overs today for lunch today (Tuesday).

FYI – if you are looking for a quick,  easy and tasty veg to add to a meal, I highly recommend frozen broccoli and cauliflower. I love both of them and they are so easy to prepare!

For breakfast this morning the only thing I knew was what I did not want and that was oatmeal. I really wanted a bagel. (When do I not want a bagel!?) But the caf at work only had one and I think it was at least day old… so I passed on the bagel.  Instead I bought a Nature Valley granola bar. I love these things, but when you really want a bagel, they don’t really do the trick. However, I cannot complain since I made it until 12:30 for lunch today.

Lunch was left overs and about a half a cup of chobani with strawberries and blueberries again.  At 3pm I had a small piece of carrot cake to celebrate my friend Sarah’s birthday. What a lovely afternoon snack…!

Last night I finished the book Walking Home by Kelly Winters.  The book was a really great read – so if your interested in reading a book about hiking and the AT, I recommend it. I am now thinking about reading A Journey North by Adrienne Hall. It is another book written by a female walking the AT.  I’m a few pages into the book, and so far so good.  I checked Amazon and a few other websites and this book did not get quite as many great reviews that Walking Home received – but I am hopeful that this book will also be great. I will let you know.

OK, signing off for now. Have a great Hump Day everyone!


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