Breakfast · Dinner · Walk


Ugh. Blah. Meh. That is how I am feeling right now. I have been feeling like I’m on the verge of coming down with the cold that everyone around me has already had (or as my friend called it today, The Plague – ugh) so I feel like everything today has been a struggle.

Ben was a life savor yesterday.  He went to the market and got me some awesome chicken and noodle soup (and whole grain Saltines!!) which I enjoyed for dinner last night and tonight.  The chicken broth really helped my throat. I’ve also been enjoying tea with honey.

Sometimes even when I am sick, I have to exercise. Today while I was driving home from work, I was so excited to go out for a walk – it was 65 degrees! I walked for two hours, which was pretty great. It was lovely to see that the trees in my neighborhood actually have buds on them. I feel like the trees (and leaves) are feeling the effects of the long winter we have all experienced in New England. I cannot wait to see green leaves in a week or two!

As part of my walk, I did errands – I walked to the Library, returned a book and had two others renewed. I walked to Whole Foods and bought some Clif bars, etc. to stock up after eating the last one in the house this morning for breakfast… oops! I am glad that I had some places to stop on my walk… I really did not feel like going for a run, so having the errands gave me a good reason to walk instead.

So, as I said, last night I had a salad and chicken noodle soup for dinner…


The whole grain saltines also went very well with this dinner, although not pictured.

This morning I was craving a bagel YET AGAIN. I went down to the caf to see if the bagel selection had improved any… and learned that the caf is serving new bagels, and they are not nearly thes ame and they are no longer fresh like the used to be. I filed an official complaint (what can I say!? I am a bagel snob!) and settled for the Clif Bar I had taken from home. Even though I had my heart set on a toasted bagel, this Carrot Cake Clif Bar was really good.

It was another long day at work – without a lunch break! We had a working lunch meeting, and we were provided some great sandwiches, chips and cookies. I did not take a photo of lunch – but it was good. I had half of a roast beef sandwich (I got to the meeting five minutes early, and all of the turkey sandwiches were gone – can you believe it?) and it was surprisingly good… and fills my body’s need for red meat once every couple of weeks. I also enjoyed a peanut butter cookie and it was wonderful.

At 3 o’clock I took fifteen minutes to go outside and take a brief walk, since I hadn’t gotten a break during lunch.  I am glad I did venture outside because it was beautiful.  Actual spring days in Boston are so rare some times, that I am glad I was out and about enjoying this one!

OK, I’m heading for bed. Hope you are all having a great Thursday.  Oh – here is a hint of what’s for breakfast tomorrow – I bought an  Iggy’s bagel at WF during my walk today… seasame whole wheat – can’t wait! See you tomorrow.


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