My poor camera…

Hey All –

Well, bad news… after surviving for a few days making weird noises, yesterday my camera sort of bit the dust. I’m not sure if we’re going to get it fixed or if this is the time to upgrade to a better camera. I’m thinking of possibly getting a Cannon Powershot. Not sure though.

The good news is that on Friday my friend Jenny brought in the most amazing cake bites – and she took pictures of them while she was baking on Thursday night. I got to have a little strawberry bunny – they were sooo cute (obviously!) and my bunny tasted amazingly good! I loved it… although I definitely felt guilty eating my poor little bunny! 😦

Jenny is the most talented baker – and I love seeing her creations! Here are a couple of pictures showing the strawberry cake bites, and then the finished products!

Strawberry cake bites (yum!)

End results: Pink Bunnies!!!

Yellow cake chicks! (I think Jenny said they were vanilla cake… I had a bunny so I’m not sure)

So creative and good! Way to go Jenny!

Unfortunately, with my camera I can’t even download the pics I took of yesterday’s breakfast (the camera stopped working at lunch). But the Iggy’s bagel (whole wheat sesame) was so good – I had it toasted with some Earthbalance – perfect!  Instead of coffee yesterday, I had a sugar free Red Bull…. weird, I know! But when I was packing stuff to take to work, the RB looked really good, so I decided on that.  As I was also to keep this cold / plague at bay, I decided to go with a caffine drink that actually has vitamins in it! Maybe it did the trick, because I was feeling better yesterday and I continue to feel better today.

For lunch yesterday I had a salad from lambert’s.  I would say it was “ok” but below average. I’m not really sure why, because I added most of the same stuff that I normally do. Oh well.  Friday night we had a lot of fun celebrating our friend Louisa’s 30th birthday at Uno’s bar and grille.  I had a piece of pizza during the party and a wonderful piece of chocolate cake!!

This morning I had two pieces of “light” (stupid) bread with a tablespoon of Teddie (awesome) peanut butter. I am curious to see how long this will keep me going for.  No, the Red Bull is not a new habit. This morning I went back to coffee w/ 1% milk! 🙂

Ok, Ben and I are getting ready to head down to RI for the rest of the weekend – I must sign off.  I will be back with more pics – using my mom’s camera!


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