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Lovely Berries..!

Hey All –

Spring is here (sort of) and with the season comes berries. Wow – I have been enjoying some fresh berries over the last couple of days. I love them! It has been a long winter, and I love seeing fresh strawberries, blue berries and raspberries in the market.

Here is what my breakfast looked like this morning:

It is amazing what three strawberries and a handful of blueberries can do to a bowl of Cheerios!  I added a spoonful of Teddie peanut butter in hopes that the cold cereal will keep me full for a few hours. Ben and I are planning a day hike in the Blue Hills Reservation and I need my breakfast to hold me over for a few hours!

I also added some blueberries to my oatmeal on Friday.  On Friday I took a container of milk, a handful of blueberries and a teaspoon of peanut butter to work with me for a pretty good bowl of oatmeal.  Here is what the oatmeal looked like:

And breakfast was at my desk with a 10 Calorie Vitamin Water which is pretty good! I used to really like drinking Vitamin Water – but I always thought of how many calories I was drinking, and finally realized it just was not worth the extra calories – since normal water tastes great to me, and it’s calorie free.  For those of you who do not love plain water, try adding a couple of slices of lemon or a couple of mint leaves to your water bottle to add a little bit of flavor to your water.

On Thursday night, I was reading part of a new blog that I saw on Kath’s blog… this post talks about the true signs of hunger. (click on the words to read the blog entry!) It’s gotten me to thinking of when I am actually hungry, and when I am not. It was very interesting and thought provoking. I am definitely guilty of sometimes eating when I am bored. Most of the times I feel that I am about to snack when I am not 100% hungry, I will make a hot cup of tea… and that usually gets me out of my “snacky” frame of mind.

But back to Friday –  breakfast  held me over for four hours, and when my stomach started to make noise I realized it was time for lunch. I was not going to have lunch until my stomach told me it was time for lunch. I had left over Mexican food – one enchilada, some rice and refried beans. It was the perfect mix of protein (the enchiladas are amazingly full of white chicken that tastes soooo good!! Lots of protein!) and carbs, and of course some fat from the cheese.  I am warning you – left over Mexican food does NOT look pretty! But I took a picture of it anyway.  🙂

Because the food was in a styrofoam container, I brought a Fiestaware sandwich plate with me to work, other wise I wouldn’t have been able to heat up my food! Here is the photo:

I know. It looks pretty gross, but it was soooo good! On Friday I ate lunch while reading Walking Home which got me excited for hiking this weekend! 🙂

I was exhausted on Friday – but got through the day, with the help of a Clif Bar. I had the remaining half (?) of the Blueberry Clif bar I had earlier in the week. I had this snack around 4pm.

Clif and water… yum!

Ok, I’m going to sign off for now. I have to get ready for the Blue Hills!! It’s still only in the 40s outside – but it is supposed to get up into the high fifties – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Hope you all have a great Sunday… see you later tonight!


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