Easy Summer Dessert – Berry Crisp

  On the 4th of July I decided that we needed some sort of dessert and I wanted to use only what we had in the house.I looked in the fridge and saw that we had farm berries and butter. I quickly looked in the cabinet to make sure we had brown sugar, flour and oats.…… Continue reading Easy Summer Dessert – Berry Crisp


Breakfast and Sunshine

Hello blog world – I am enjoying such a nice morning, I must say. I woke up expecting rain / April showers – but instead I heard birds chirping and the sun was rising. What a beautiful start to the day!  The rains are probably still on their way, but for now I will definitely…… Continue reading Breakfast and Sunshine

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Monday… return to work

Hi All – Wow, that was an unexpected break from the blog… it’s good to be back. Monday was my first day back to work after the mini-vacation… I’m sort of happy with the way the day went. I was fully prepared food-wise, which always makes my day at work easier! Breakfast was a summer…… Continue reading Monday… return to work

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Lovely Berries..!

Hey All – Spring is here (sort of) and with the season comes berries. Wow – I have been enjoying some fresh berries over the last couple of days. I love them! It has been a long winter, and I love seeing fresh strawberries, blue berries and raspberries in the market. Here is what my…… Continue reading Lovely Berries..!