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OK, I think I finally realized why I’m so tired this week.  This past weekend Ben, my mom, Lara and I took a 24 hour road trip to DC. Seriously, we were in Washington, DC for 27 hours and we spent 16 hours driving… it was worth it! But this week I have been paying the price.

Tonight I am celebrating the fact that there is just one more day left to my work week. I am overjoyed…

This morning Ben and I stopped by to see Eunice at Bread & Chocolate, which of course made for a yummy breakfast.

To celebrate Thursday, I decided to go with one of Eunice’s amazing orange poppy seed muffins – I think I have mentioned that this is one of my new favorites at B&C!

I also enjoyed a medium French roast coffee with some milk.

My muffin got me through until 12:30 when I was finally able to stop for lunch. Today I had a wonderful salad from Lambert’s.  The salad had a good amount of protein thanks to a hard boiled egg (which I almost ate all of) and some awesome grilled chicken! I also had broccoli, lots of cherry tomatoes, orange peppers and green peppers, romaine lettuce and a small amount of pasta and spinach salad… yum! Unfortunately, I did not have my camera today so I had to take a picture with my phone. Meh. Obviously, it was a horrible picture.

Along with the salad I had a piece of whole wheat pita bread. It was a great lunch and I did not even need an afternoon snack.. I can’t remeber the last time that happened! Tonight Ben, Lara and I went out for dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Paisano’s … I had chicken enchiladas. My plate had three enchiladas with verde sauce, rice and beans. I had an enchilada and a half (Ben and Lara had the other half of the second one) and saved the third along with some rice and beans for lunch tomorrow.  Ben and I love Paisano’s it is very authentic Mexican and Guatemalan food and on the weekends they have a great mariachi band that is very entertaining!! If you’re looking for a great place to eat, go to 221 High Street in Waltham.

Ok, well I’m signing off to get ready for my day tomorrow. Happy almost Friday, everyone!


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