I have a new haircut..!

This picture was my inspiration for my new cut.


The movie You’ve Got Mail came out in 1997. I went to the theaters and saw this movie with my mom. Ever since then, I wanted this haircut. It has been over ten years, and I have never done it. Until tonight….

But first, I had a martini with my friend Katie:


I had a drink called the ditzy blonde. It tasted great! Blueberry vodka, lemon and mint. The perfect summer drink. Katie took a quick snap shot of me – before the cut:


(Bad hair day!)

Katie also got a picture of me after the haircut:


Not a great picture (I am not photogenic!!) but the cut looks really fun in person. I cannot believe I finally chopped my hair! I can’t wait to see what it’s like in the morning!



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