Breakfast on the Run…

No, I wasn’t actually running, I am sad to report 😦 But I was running out the door this morning… and I am so glad that I had a Lärabar in my work bag. Thus, I had an awesome and rather filling breakfast!

I am all for having an emergency bar in your bag for breakfast or lunch consumption. I went to the caf this morning for my second cup of coffee, and while there I was tempted by all sorts of “morning” treats. Here are just a few:

  • Egg, cheese, sausage on a bagel
  • cinnamon scone
  • blueberry muffin
  • bagel (sans egg, cheese, etc.)
  • danish of all sorts

Somehow I was able to detour around all of the yummy looking breakfast food and head back to my desk with just my essential cup of joe.

    Fairly awesome breakfast:

    I love Lärabar More later. Happy Monday everyone!


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