Salad For Dinner

Well, instead of Pesto, I had a salad for dinner. A pretty amazing salad, thanks to the chicken my mom picked up and attempted to grille tonight 😉

Mom was having a bit of trouble with the grille tonight – thankfully I remembered what Mark had told me last week. In order for the fire to get going, you have to open up the vents at the bottom of the Webber. Sweet! After I remembered that, we had quite a bit of coals burning. Great chicken, too.

Here is my beautiful summer salad:


Whole wheat croutons are what you see on top. Chicken, pear, orange pepper, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, etc. Great stuff!

Forgive me for the brief dinner post – but I am rushing to get back to my book. I am loving The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo so far. Let me know if you are reading it, and how you like it!

Good night y’all!

PS: Pesto will be part of tomorrow’s lunch!


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