Old Fashioned Oats to the Rescue

Hi guys –

Over the last week my injury has really started getting to me.  I hate not being able to run. It is depressing. I miss the awesome feeling after a great run. While I love reading my books, I miss hitting the road. 😦

Yesterday I had another doctor’s appointment. The good news? I do not need surgery right now! The swelling is still going down on its own, but there is still fluid in my knee. There is a good amount of fluid under my knee cap.  I was not surprised when the doctor told me this, because I can feel it 24 hours a day. Meh.

As stated earlier, I did receive a cortisone injection yesterday. We hope this will speed up the healing process because right now it has been about six weeks of injury.  If I haven’t already gone stir crazy, I can 100%  I am now. Seriously.

I was really sad when I got home from the doctor’s office yesterday. But I was trying to remain optimistic. While I was uncomfortable from the injection, I tried to focus on the fact that this could really help me get back on my feet soon. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Most of the day I iced my knee, continued the ibuprofen, kept the leg elevated and read my book.

At some point yesterday I made oatmeal. I have missed oatmeal a lot ever since summer arrived. I have been having overnight oats mostly during the hot weather. These stove top oats were amazing:

1/3 cup oats

2/3 cup skim milk

a hearty pinch of cinnamon

splash of vanilla

fresh blueberries

Teddie peanut butter

sprinkle of brown sugar

YUM – how could that combination go wrong!? Simple answer: it cannot. Fail proof.

Thanks to Pablo for the awesome dinner suggestion! I am hoping to go for a swim in a little bit, and I think some sort of pasta and pesto will certainly be on the menu tonight. If anyone else has a suggestion – feel free to let me know.

See you in a bit.


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