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Good Deals @ the Grocery Store 7/19

Hi Blog readers.

For those of you who live in the Boston / Providence metro area, just thought I’d let you know that Stop and Shop has blueberries, strawberries and blackberries on sale this week! I picked up a container of blueberries and strawberries yesterday. They are both good – the blueberries are a little better 🙂

This morning for breakfast I had a great bowl of overnight oats. Yesterday at the market I also picked up a big container of plan, low fat Stoneyfield yogurt. It is the perfect stuff to make awesome overnight oats. I added cinnamon and a small splash of vanilla to flavor everything just a little bit. The oats this morning were not attractive. So here is a much prettier bowl of O.O.s that I made a while ago:

So pretty. And really good.

Progress to report on my knee. Last night mom and I went for a not so speedy 25 minute walk around the neighborhood, after it managed to cool down a few degrees (this heat is horrible!!).  Today at lunch I took a walk, about 25 minutes again. I am certainly not speed walking like I used to, but I will be working up to it. I will not find out until next Monday (a week from today) if surgery is necessary. We shall see.

I will be back later. More to report on lunch and I have to come up with something to have for dinner tonight!


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