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Sunday Night Prep…

Do you ever ask yourself, “where did this weekend go!?” I find myself asking that question most Sunday evenings. But tonight I looked at the clock and was shocked to see that it was 9:30 PM – I had no idea where the rest of my day went!

I accomplished a ton of things today and I am going to bed feeling very accomplished which is always a great thing on a Sunday night. (I hope I feel the same way tomorrow evening!)

Here was my to do list:

1. Clean room

2. Laundry

3. Find new book to read (I picked up Tina’s new book and I really enjoyed starting it tonight…)

4. Grocery store

5. Lunch prep

6. Dinner prep

7. Pack gym bag

8. Pack lunch/ breakfast

9. Catch up on emails / phone calls to friends

10. Pay bills

11. Catch up on TiVo (and delete)

Yay for a productive day! The only thing missing to make this day 100% complete would have been a great run or workout at the gym. But I took a day off, my first since last Tuesday – so I’m ok with that. 🙂

As I said earlier today, the day got off to a great start with coffee and popovers:



I enjoyed my popover with raspberry jam:


It might not feel like spring outside, but I was reminded of summer as I was grocery shopping today. I got some great produce and decided to make one of my favorite dishes tonight – ratatouille. It is definitely my ‘go to recipe’ – it is so easy, and it is so fresh and so good. Here is what went into the ratatouille tonight:


A lot of eggplant, onion, an Italian pepper, summer squash and zucchini along with a 28 ounce can of diced tomato and juice. It took me a while to chop everything up. But the end result was amazing.


I only had a small bowl tonight (I had an amazing piece of pizza for a late lunch: fresh tomato and mozzarella for toppings from one of my favorite markets, Dave’s!)

Along with the ratatouille, I made whole wheat pasta and had a small slice of rosemary and olive oil bread:


I am wondering how long this dinner will last us. I know we will at least get Monday and Tuesday night out of it. Is Wednesday night a stretch? I’ll let you know. I am so excited for dinner tomorrow night – just thinking of it almost makes me hungry!

Tomorrow’s breakfast and lunch are also prepped and packed. Greek yogurt, kashi, chia and flax seeds for breakfast. A salad of lettuce, orange and red peppers, tomato, cucumbers, carrots and scallions along with a piece of bread and hummus for lunch. An apple for my afternoon / pre gym snack. I love going to bed knowing that all of my healthy foods are all set for the next day.

I hope you all have a great start to your work week – see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Night Prep…

  1. Your popovers look amazing! I love them and haven’t had any for years. Wish I could sample yours!

    1. I wish you were able to taste them, too, Marilyn! But if you watch the Mark Bittman video and follow the recipe he has your popovers will turn out just as beautiful and tasty! 🙂

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