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Core Recipes

It is great to have a few ‘core recipes’ in your repertoire. Once you have a few recipes you can always fall back on or go to, you can change them up a bit when you feel like it.

Tonight I made something, and I am not quite sure what to call it. I think it is sort of like a stew or something. My core recipe was a ratatouille. Instead of all vegetables, I cut up four chicken sausages that I picked up from Whole Foods (no nitrates, no preservatives, etc).

A lot of chopping of vegetables – which (as you know) I love. In the dish I put two cloves of garlic, one medium sized onion, a medium sized eggplant, two little zucchinis, a yellow summer squash, an Italian pepper and that might have been it. I sauteed the onion, garlic and chicken sausage first in some olive oil. Then I added the eggplant and other vegetables. After they had cooked for a few minutes I added a can of whole tomatoes, along with the sauce and then just a little bit of water. I seasoned the pot with freshly ground pepper.

I cooked up some whole wheat pasta, cut up a couple of pieces of bread, some parsley and grated some parm reg cheese to garish the plates with. Here was the end product:


I loved everything in this meal. I love how fresh all of the ingredients are (even the chicken sausage!) and it just tastes amazing. Once you are done chopping, and smashing the garlic, this meal is so easy. The only thing you need is a little bit of time to let things cook and to let the flavors come together. I am sure (hope) it will be even better tomorrow.



I could eat like this every day. Well, maybe I do…

As I mentioned earlier, today is my day of rest. I really needed it, I guess because I was sort of exhausted most of the day. I skipped the gym because I was feeling yesterday’s two mile plus event on the treadmill (I slowly jogged for the first time – just between you and me. It was only half a mile… 1/4 of a mile, then I walked again and then another 1/4 of a mile slow jog). So, I took the day off from the treadmill. I took a great nap on the couch during the afternoon and did some reading. Right now I am enjoying watching the Celtics.

I am excited for March Madness to officially begin tomorrow. Go Blue Devils!


3 thoughts on “Core Recipes

    1. It is super easy to prepare too, the only thing that is the least bit time consuming is the chopping of the vegetables!

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