Saturday Morning: The Tale of Two Coffee Shops

For the record, Friday was not a stellar day for me. I spent most of the day at work with weird sharp pains in my stomach area, on my left side. When I was sick with appendicitis, I never had feelings like this in my right side or else I would have gone to the hospital a lot sooner. So the pain really started to worry me, and it was rather uncomfortable (to put it mildly). I ended up leaving work half an hour early. I went right home, changed into cozy sweat pants and a tee shirt and got into bed – I was in bed by 4:30 PM. This is where I spent the rest of the night – seriously. I watched some Downton Abbey, two episodes and then I realized I was about to fall asleep, so I tuned in to MSNBC which was on while I slept until 10pm. I woke up then, right as Rachel Maddow was going off the air, and got up briefly to make a piece of toast with peanut butter. I called this “dinner”. I ate it and went back to bed.

This morning I woke up at 8 o’clock a full forty five minutes before my alarm went off and was ready to start the day. The pain has subsided for the most part, but I am still aware of where it was. But I was eager to get my day started and see how I feel.

For days I have been thinking of ginger biscuits from Seven Stars. During this time I have wondered if it would be at all possible for me to go to Seven Stars before I left for work to get a ginger biscuit. Or if I stopped by in the evening would they still have some and I could buy one and keep it for breakfast the next day. At one point I even contemplated calling them and asking them to hold one for me with the promise that I would be in before they closed for the night. Wow. So let’s just say, I really wanted a ginger biscuit.

SO, Saturday morning I didn’t have anything on my schedule. I packed up my MacBook, my water bottle and a couple of other things and got on the road. My first stop? Seven Stars Bakery of course. I brought my laptop in with me just in case there was space to set up, but I had another plan in the back of my head. I looked around the bakery’s seating area, and saw the small marble table tops, and just decided it was not the most ideal spot for me to set up and do some work for the morning. I ordered my ginger biscuit to go, and got back on the road. A few minutes later I walked in to Starbucks and scoped out an excellent table – even with an outlet underneath it (a much bigger score in the world of Starbucks – everyone is always looking for a place to plug in!) I put my laptop on the table, and went to order my grande soy latte.

So here is what I ended up with:


A ginger biscuit from Seven Stars, a Soy Latte from Starbucks and a great work table for the morning! I must say that I have this weird thing with coffee shops. I love the food at Seven Stars, but I love the coffee and lattes at Starbucks. I wish I could combine them sometimes – but most of the time I am just happy that I have two coffee shops that I love going to.

Later today I am meeting up with one of my running friends and we are going to hopefully have a great run. I’m a little nervous about how running with someone will go. I’m not sure how many miles I have in me today – but hopefully running with someone else will inspire me to get a good training run in today. See you in a bit – happy weekend everyone!


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