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8 mile run

Happy Sunday Bloggies. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am having a relaxing morning at home, and doing some around the house chores. Laundry, cleaning rooms, etc. All of the stuff I neglect during the work week is getting done this morning.

Yesterday I had a great 8 mile run with one of my running buddies around Providence. She took me to a new path that I had not been on before, it was beautiful. We ran along the water and the great thing is that at least three miles of the bike path are torn up during a construction phase. I love running on dirt because it is easier on my shins. I also love beautiful views while running:


On the way back towards Providence we had a great view of the skyline:


I hope to visit this trail again soon. I am glad that i thought enough to snap a couple of quick photos during my run. After the eight miles I rehydrated with water and then ate a luna bar. I love the chocolate dipped coconut bar, it was one I received as part of a gift during the holidays. Yum.

After I got home I had two handfuls of whole grain Goldfish crackers, more water, and hit up the foam roller and then iced my knees. This morning I am doing perfectly fine – no pain. I’m glad I took the time to stretch, foam roll and ice after the run yesterday.

This morning I started the day with stove top oats:


In the mix today:


vanilla soy milk



ground flax

splash of vanilla

topped with peanut butter and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

It was a great bowl of oatmeal and I think it might keep me going until Super Bowl snacks later today. (That might be wishful thinking, but who knows) Today I am thinking of stopping by Rhode Runner which is a great running store in Providence. I’m having a hard time breaking in my latest running shoes and am wondering if there is a better shoe out there for me. If I can find one, I might just retire the current pair early and dedicate them to elliptical and cross training only. Sigh.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, Patriots fans! Hope it is a great day for the Patriots. See you later!


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