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Really Groundhog?

So, I’m sort of pissed at the groundhog. Does the groundhog ever not see his or her shadow???? It just seems like every single year that little rodent sees its shadow. But I don’t really feel like I can complain too much about winter this year. The groundhog gets a big “whatever” from me today.

Ok. Brief recap because I really need to go to bed in a serious way. (Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I don’t know if I could take another couple of days of the work week.)

I did not pre-set the coffee maker last night. So instead of my morning coffee, I had a Monster energy drink in the car this AM! Wow. It was pretty good. One of my good friends drinks Monsters and now I sort of get it. Yum. I still had one cup of coffee this morning – but I did half caf and half decaf. I still ❤ my morning coffee – but Monster is good on the days when you have not done all of your nightly prep.

Breakfast. Before I left the house I spread some of that amazing peanut butter:


(Can we PLEASE not discuss how much I love this stuff???) on a piece of whole wheat toast. I ate it on the drive to work. A great (but small) breakfast! At around 9 o’clock I had the remaining 1/3 of a peanut butter Larabar. Totally hit the spot. At 11:30 my stomach was making noise and it was embarrassing. So I ate a greek yogurt. At noon I went outside for a walk with Katherine and we quickly realized that it was windy, cold and raining. Awesome combo!! We gave up about two minutes into our walk. I certainly was not hungry for lunch since I had just consumed the filling greek yogurt, so I waited until 1:30 to heat up my lunch.

Lunch – left over pesto couscous with more grilled chicken breast. It smelled amazing:


I left work at 4:30 today and drove home. I had a little bit of down time at home before I went out to my extended family’s for dinner. I enjoyed the few minutes at home, relaxing. Yes, I took the day off from working out / running because I literally did not have time to get to the gym to run before I had to be at dinner – this was because I slept through my alarm or turned off my alarm this morning without realizing it, and I did not get out of the house until 7AM which pushed my entire day 40 minutes later than normal. Oh well. I guess I needed the sleep.

Dinner tonight was amazing. When I walked in the door I said, “Do I smell curry!?” Yes. Thankfully I did. I love curry. Dinner was phenomenal.


(Please pardon the shadow) I have GOT to get the recipe for this curry! I know the following things were in the curry: cauliflower, carrots, chicken and that is all I know. I had it over rice (I love rice) and I topped it with a fresh mango salsa, toasted coconut and a dab of greek yogurt. Holy goodness!!!! I am in love with this meal.

For dessert we had gluten free cookies and some amazing gelato in a few different flavors. I loved the mango and raspberry flavors. I had a spoonful of both and two cookies!

Ok. I’m done with this day. I’m in bed and hope to be sleeping momentarily. I will see y’all tomorrow!


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