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Spring Fever

So. It is February 1st and I have spring fever. Something is wrong with this picture. It was 57 degrees today. At 3:20 I decided to take some comp time and leave work early. I sort of rushed home, changed into my running clothes and hit the road for over four miles. It was SO GREAT! I ran over four miles and then did a 30 minute workout with my personal trainer. Abs are my weak spot – I think a lot of it has to do with my surgery last year when they cut through several abdominal muscles. Ab workouts are literally painful for me. But that is why I do them, I guess. I hope my abs will get stronger one day.

Yesterday I did over 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, then I went to East Side Market where I bought pine nuts, basil, spinach, scallions, chicken and a few other ingredients for what I was going to make for the potluck lunch at work.

I got home after the gym and market and got straight to work in the kitchen. I made my own pesto (half basil half spinach, olive oil, toasted pine nuts, garlic). Then I made couscous, grilled the chicken (on the grill pan not outside on the grill). I spent almost two hours in the kitchen last night! But it paid off. I think my creative dish might have been a hit at the lunch today. What I came up with was a couscous with pesto, dried cranberries, scallions and one dish had the grilled chicken with the couscous mixture. (I made a vegetarian option and a chicken option)

Work was fine today. I had a mini-red velvet cupcake and it cheered me up:


Potluck lunches can be dangerous. I had some vegetables, a tuna sandwich, some couscous and pesto, a smidge of taco dip and three corn chips to go with it. Later I had dessert. My friend Jenny made the most amazing chocolate trifle with chocolate pudding and brownies (I think…) it was amazing. Before the potluck I needed a pick me up – so I had 2 mini red velvet cupcakes in my friend Nichole’s office. They were also amazing – and a perfect mid-morning snack. I also had a peanut butter cookie. A lot of food was consumed 🙂 But it was worth it and everything was so good.

Tonight I “sunk” my FitBit with my computer and it uploaded all of my data for the past three days. Somehow yesterday I burned over 2,000 calories. What!? That seems crazy to me – but I definitely justified eating more than normal at the potluck with this news.

I was excited for dinner tonight after my run and ab workout. I had some of the left over couscous and a piece of homemade pesto, tomato and chicken pizza. (I also made this pizza last night as I was making today’s lunch dish.)


I was still hungry after dinner so I had more water along with some baby carrots, red pepper strips and a few whole grain Goldfish crackers. After I got home I showered, iced my knees, foam rolled and then iced again.

Anyhow, I’m wrapping up now for the evening. Downton Abbey anyone?! For the record I did not get through the second episode AGAIN last night because I fell asleep. Well, hopefully I am catching up on my sleep – although I still do not feel caught up. I cannot WAIT for the weekend. I cannot wait to sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday.

I hope you all had a great hump day!! See you tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. Okay! Let’s talk about this couscous some more. It was super good.

    So, all you do is make pesto and then mix it with the other ingredients and tada you are done?

  2. Yes. That is it! Making the pesto takes a little time (I don’t follow a recipe, so I just eyeball it and have to make adjustments – but I think it comes out a lot better. I hate recipes for Pesto!) making the chicken takes time – but yes. It is super easy! I’m glad it came out since I had never made it before 🙂 Let’s talk about it, I can give you a “sort of” recipe for it!

  3. Oh. Did I tell you what the ingredients are?? Couscous, homemade pesto, scallions, dried cranberries, chicken breast if you want the meat, and a smidge of sea salt (either in the pesto or in the final product. I think in the pesto is the best place for the salt because it is easily distributed via the food processor). You could probably add some freshly ground pepper – but I didn’t want to mess with it too much since everyone was going to try it.

    Any suggestions for what else should go into it?? I have a feeling this dish will be evolving!

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