Hey All –

How was your first day back at the office? I was really sad that the Thanksgiving holiday was over this morning as I got ready for work at 5:25 AM. But after having several great days off and being able to hang out with AFM over the holiday, I felt a little bit refreshed going back to work. But still, if I had the choice I would have had another great day off instead of getting back into the office at the crack of dawn. Oh well.

This morning I really wanted a bagel for breakfast. Seriously – a toasted bagel with butter or (better yet) peanut butter? Holy Yum. But no, I opted for the Kashi oatmeal I had packed for breakfast. I added a small spoonful of peanut butter to the hot oats and it made it good. I had breakfast at 7:30 and then I had to snag a half of a pumpkin muffin at 10am because I was hungry. (I always find it a struggle to go back to my normal diet / routine on a Monday after a vacation and holiday. Today was no exception.)

At noon I went for a 25 minute walk with Katherine and then I grabbed lunch at the caf. The one thing the caf at work is (sort of) famous for is clam chowder. It is seriously good, too – but I cannot eat it often. I totally had a clam chowder for lunch today! It was so good, and totally hit the spot. It had been about a year since the last time I had the chowder.

I had a four hour conference call right after lunch. I was glad to make it through that.

I worked late at the office, and then drove home. I decided to skip the gym today. Oops. I had things to do around the house. I had a great dinner tonight. Mom made a potato pancake and had picked up some sole. We added peas to the plates, too. The photo is not pretty so I figured I would just tell you what I ate. As we waited for dinner, we had carrots and hummus.

Well, that about wraps it up. I need to think about lunch for tomorrow and I need to motivate for a workout after work tomorrow.

Signing off for now – see you tomorrow!


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