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Chicken, vegetable noodles

Tuesday night I went to the gym after work and forced myself to do the elliptical machine for 32 minutes. I really did NOT want to go to the gym at all. But I told myself that if I just got to the gym and did half an hour on the elliptical, that is all I had to do at the gym. Somehow it worked.

Over the weekend AFM fixed the internet in my house and re-introduced me to my Apple TV and steaming Netflix. I was thrilled to rediscover one of my favorite college tv shows, Felicity, which I had not seen in years. Ever since having the internet fixed, I have watched a few episodes of Felicity. Thankfully I remembered Netflix while I was at the gym. I streamed an episode of Felicity while I was on the elliptical and it really helped pass the time.

After the gym I ran over to East Side market to pick up some ingredients for dinner. Mom already picked up the chicken, and she was cooking it as I left the gym. I picked up Asian noodles, a red pepper, shitaki mushrooms, scallions, ginger, spinach, peanuts and snow peas.

Needless to say, there was a lot of chopping involved for dinner on Tuesday. I heated up coconut milk (low fat) – hey, here’s a tip. The next time you open coconut milk, SHAKE IT WELL before you open it. I forgot. It was sort of a struggle, but somehow I salvaged the coconut milk.

I heated up the milk. Added red pepper and snow peas, cooked. Added mushrooms. Cooked the Asian noodles in a pot of boiling water for three minutes. I added the chicken (already cooked in boiling water – a separate pot of course!) and grated fresh ginger. The last step was adding the spinach. I cooked everything until the spinach was wilted.

The final product was garnished with chopped peanuts and a touch of Thai peanut sauce. Of course after all of this work, I photographed the bowl of noodles and when I downloaded the photo the image was lost. Ugh.

So, here is the bowl I had at lunch which was basically what I had the night before but not as pretty.


But the leftovers were just as good! 🙂


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