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The week so far…

Is this a long week for anyone else or is it just me? Just wondering.

So. On Tuesday I had lunch with my friend Nichole and she recapped her most recent success running the Philadelphia Marathon the weekend before Thanksgiving. I had butternut squash soup and a piece of Arnold’s double protein bread while we talked about running. I love my running geek friends. (Does that sound mean? Just that some of us are running geeks, that’s all. It is a term of endearment.) My running friends inspire me to keep reaching for my next goal (a marathon!!) and there is nothing better than friends that inspire you to keep going.


As I left work and headed to the gym the other day, I caught the most beautiful sunset. I am so glad that I thought to snap a photo of it:


Isn’t that sort of amazing?

Today I had a 15 hour day. I left the house, went to work and did not get home until after 8:30 tonight. When I got home I dropped my bags and went right into the kitchen. I whipped up a batch of whole wheat, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. While I waited for the cookies to bake, I chopped up scallions and celery and made a homemade chicken salad. I added about 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise and 1 1/2 tablespoons of whole grain mustard. Then I added the scallions and celery and then I added a small handful of dried cranberries. It made a pretty salad, and I had a bite of it and it was tasty too.

The kitchen looked interesting tonight:


I thought the chicken salad looked good and I almost got excited for tomorrow’s lunch:


Anyhow. That’s about all I’ve got because I am out of gas. I need to pack an overnight bag, get things ready for tomorrow and hopefully go to bed before 11 o’clock tonight. See y’all tomorrow – have a great rest of your evening. Congrats in surviving hump day – maybe tomorrow will be a better day!


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