Turkey Meatloaf

How was your Thanksgiving?? I hope everyone had a lovely (shopping free!!!) day! We had a lovely day, and it all started with our annual Thanksgiving 5K and a post race Guinness. (We had three drinks to split between six people because no one could drink a whole one so early on such a long…… Continue reading Turkey Meatloaf


Thanksgiving Count Down

That is right blog readers. We have entered The Best Week of the year – i.e. The Week of Thanksgiving!!! My favorite holiday. I cannot stand it. I love Thanksgiving so much. I find eating the week of Thanksgiving to be a little bit difficult. I’m concentrating so much on the best meal of the…… Continue reading Thanksgiving Count Down


Change of Plans…

Happy Saturday, everyone! I am super disappointed right now. I had so much planned for this morning. I was going to get a head start on my shopping for the day (I have a list of the few things I need to pick up and I was going to my favorite stores on Hope Street…… Continue reading Change of Plans…

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Tis the season…

Why hello there bloggies. Sorry for being sort of MIA for the last few days. Thanks to those of you who wrote me wondering where I was 🙂  it is nice to be missed. So, tis the season to do holiday and festive things. Here is  a super brief recap of the weekend (there are…… Continue reading Tis the season…

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Happy Monday everyone! I hope your Monday is flying by and that you have a short work week. I have a two day work week, and at the beginning of the morning I was wondering how I would ever make it through just two days. That probably sounds really weird. But here is the thing:…… Continue reading Snack