Turkey Meatloaf

How was your Thanksgiving?? I hope everyone had a lovely (shopping free!!!) day! We had a lovely day, and it all started with our annual Thanksgiving 5K and a post race Guinness. (We had three drinks to split between six people because no one could drink a whole one so early on such a long day!)


The day before Thanksgiving my mom and I made our famous pecan pie to bring over to Thanksgiving for dessert. Mom also made my famous roasted broccoli dish – and I helped her assemble it once we got to our final destination.

Thanksgiving this year was really wonderful. We had turkey, potatoes, green beans, wonderful gravy, squash, broccoli, corn, stuffing, baked brie (my favorite!) and a lot more food. After the Thanksgiving meal we all went outside to walk around the neighborhood for a good half hour – a much needed walk! Even after the walk I could not finish my super small piece of pumpkin pie I had for dessert which made me pretty sad – I love pumpkin pie!

I was really glad that I ran a race in the morning and that we all went for a walk in the afternoon.

On Friday I went for another great 45 minute walk outside – it was extremely warm outside (a bit too warm for my taste) so we decided to take advantage of the 55 degree weather. It was a great walk. My legs and hips really needed it because they were feeling a bit tight, perhaps from the race? (A sign that I really need to get more running off instead of walking and doing the elliptical machine as much as I have been…? Or perhaps I just need to utilize my foam roller more? I hate stretching!)

On Friday morning A and I went down to Starbucks for breakfast because we had a surprise lack of food in the house… I ordered the egg white, cheddar and turkey bacon breakfast sandwich that comes on a multi-grain english muffin. This is my favorite breakfast sandwich ever. I also had a skim latte, and water. A very satisfying late breakfast. Andy enjoyed the oatmeal with all of the fixings (dried fruit, nuts and a sprinkle of brown sugar).

IN the afternoon I started my much needed recipe organization project – I am so excited about this project! I bought a couple of supplies at Staples (good pens [because you always need good writing utensils for a project!], paper, a notebook, post-its and tabs and so on) and I also recently bought Paprika one of the many recipe organizer apps in the Apple APP store. I like this app because it will go on my MacBook Pro, my iPad and my iPhone. The cloud synchs all of my recipes together!

Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 11.38.05 AM.jpg

Here is a screenshot of what my Paprika app looks like so far. I have only entered a few recipes, but I love the organization so far.

Eventually Andy and I went to Wegmans. When we were getting ready to leave, I clicked a button on Paprika and instantly got my shopping list that we needed to make Real Simple’s turkey meatloaf. I love that Paprika organizes your shopping list into sections of the grocery store (deli, produce, bread, etc. SO HANDY!)

We got home on the late side (we love grocery shopping, and we are never speedy about it – especially on the weekends!) But we quickly got to work on the meatloaf. I have never made meatloaf before – and I was really surprised by how easily this all came together.

Image 1.jpg

The chopped spinach and parsley, bread crumbs, dijon mustard, whole wheat bread crumbs, 1 cup of chopped onion all in the bowl. Then Andy took over with the turkey. Not my favorite thing in the world and he is the sweetest to mush everything together 🙂

Forming the loaf was another step that I watched from the side line:


By the time the meatloaf came out of the oven it was 8:55 PM. I had the most beautiful plate of food and I ate it all – and forgot to snap a photo. But we had the meatloaf with a side of mashed red bliss potatoes. It was a really great post-Thanksgiving meal!


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