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Tis the season…

Why hello there bloggies.

Sorry for being sort of MIA for the last few days. Thanks to those of you who wrote me wondering where I was 🙂  it is nice to be missed.

So, tis the season to do holiday and festive things. Here is  a super brief recap of the weekend (there are a couple of blog posts coming up today and tomorrow that will go into much more detail):

1. I ran in the Santa 5K Fun Run in New Bedford this weekend with my family and friends. It was fun and very interesting – especially the whole ‘running in a Santa suit’ thing.

2. Thanksgiving Part II. My sister was in London over Thanksgiving, and requested a family Thanksgiving over the weekend – it was a lot of fun. Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday of the year, so I was pleased to have it again. (it was a lot of cooking, as my mom mentioned) But it was also nice to have leftovers, because we celebrated at extended family’s on the actual day we came home with no turkey – just lots of mashed potatoes and dessert…

3. We decorated the Christmas Tree

4. We decorated a gingerbread house (can you believe that I have NEVER decorated a gingerbread house before??)

5. We watched the New England Patriots win!

6. We ate leftovers.

7. We watched Love Actually (my sister watched the entire thing. I went to bed 20 minutes into the film!)

So, it’s been a long and crazy few days.  I hope you are enjoying your holiday seasons, too!


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