Honey yogurt…

I don’t know about you, but I love honey Fage Greek yogurt. But my friends and I are always talking about the fact that it’s really tough to eat the yogurt the way you want to. When you put the yogurt in the refrigerator the honey gets rock hard. How are you supposed to mix it? Well… the other morning I was struck with a brilliant thought:

Image 1.jpg

I cut the honey part of the yogurt container and kept it on my desk all morning while the yogurt was in the refrigerator. Mixing the honey into the yogurt was sooo easy when I had lunch at 12:30. So much easier that I just needed about half of the honey in the container.

The other day we made a great dinner. Whole wheat pasta, grilled chicken sausage, fresh tomatoes and a couple of spoonfuls of pesto to mix everything together. Also on the plate was a simple (and amazing!) salad of mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumbers and a couple of pieces of a french baguette.

Image 4.jpg

I hope your week is off to a great start. See you soon!


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