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Back to Training…

So. This morning I checked my e-mail and I had a message from the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) about the upcoming 10K race. The race date is June 24 and I am officially entered. Woo! This is my favorite race of the year. It is coming around at a perfect time, because it is probably no secret that I have been sort of lacking in motivation lately. Sure, I’ve been running and eating well – but nothing too interesting and my runs have not really been blog worthy. I certainly have not been training over the last couple of weeks.

The BAA e-mail was just what I needed to kick start my butt into gear!

I felt like I woke up with a little bit of purpose this morning. I got my stuff together, including an entire grocery bag of food and got on the road to work. I left later than I wanted to and ended up behind a school bus which delayed my arrival to work by a good 15 minutes. (So many people get so frustrated by school buses in the morning… but seriously folks, what can you do? Kids have got to get to school!)

I had a few things to do the moment I got to work, so I did not get to breakfast until 9 o’clock. That was fine with me – but boy was I looking forward to this breakfast! A whole wheat english muffin with Teddie peanut butter and half a banana. I opened a brand new jar of Teddie today at work – always a super special occasion in my world! Breakfast really hit the spot especially since I had been working hard at work for an hour:

Image 9.jpg

For my morning snack at 11 o’clock I had the other half of the banana. A spoonful of peanut butter would have been perfect with the ‘nana but I opted to skip the Teddie option, in case I wanted more later in the day. 🙂

At noon Colleen and I went for a lovely walk outside. Over the weekend I went to EMS and purchased a much needed jacket (because you always need another jacket, right?) and this one is designed to help block the wind. For months I had been going around in nothing more than my Patagonia fleece zip up and with the horrible winds we have been having I was freezing on the lunch time walks and my evening walks. I really benefited from the jacket today. I enjoyed my walk so much more because I was not been invaded by the wind off of the water.

Lunch today was very good. I had leftovers from Khao Sarn in Brookline. Last night I had dinner with my sister, and I ordered the mango chicken curry with a small brown rice on the side. I loved this dish! Sarah ordered vegetable pad thai which was also very good. We shared our food (and after we walked around and eventually went to JP Licks for ice cream and it was heavenly! If you have not tried “Batter Up” yet you had better get yourself over to JP Licks before the flavor is gone!)

I love leftovers for lunch!

Image 8.jpg

Yeah, so not the prettiest of photos. But I was sitting down to lunch at 1:15 this afternoon and I realized that I had a meeting at 2 o’clock. I was both starving and in a little bit of a rush… no, it is never good to eat when you are in a rush. I definitely took my time eating – I’m just glad that I thought enough ahead to snap a quick photo before I started enjoying this meal. There were onions, red peppers, ginger, mango, and chicken all together in a wonderful curry. It was great!

After my 2 o’clock meeting I definitely needed an afternoon snack. I had a couple of choices:

* a pear

* an apple and peanut butter

* a Fage greek yogurt with a sprinkle of granola

I decided to go with the yogurt sprinkled with some Kind granola. Not documented. Oops! I had this snack around 3 o’clock. Before I left work at 4:45 I was “talked into” having a ginger cookie. I figured it was good fuel for the gym. (Who am I kidding?) While I was eating the cookie I also took an iron supplement because a few of my friends have commented on the fact that I am most likely low in iron (well, I never eat red meat… and I’m trying to figure out how else you can get iron in your diet naturally. Ideas? Advice?).

At 4:45 I started a super long slog home. It took me forever to get to the gym because my exit off the highway was closed and I ended up trekking all the way from one side of Providence to the other to get to the gym. But I am glad I didn’t give up in the horrible traffic and still made it. I was pretty low key about my workout tonight – I was just glad that I made it and that slowly but surely my routine is getting re-established. I did 35 minutes on the elliptical machine at a high resistance and burned almost 300 calories (not that I’m counting). I was mostly looking for the total minutes of exercise. Combined with my vigorous walk at lunch, I was over the 60 minute mark! Goal accomplished! 🙂

After the gym I ran over to East Side Market for some fixings for lunch (more on that tomorrow – but it has potential to be really good!). Mom was in charge of dinner, which was a fantastic salad. I got home showered, fixed up my salad and was sitting down a little after 8 o’clock. It had been a really long – but good! – day.

The salad was great:

Image 7.jpg

OK. I am off to clean up the kitchen, think about lunch for tomorrow and how best to prepare it. I’ll see you tomorrow for day two of training and eating! Can’t wait!


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