The Grilling Continues…

Last night we grilled again. It was so very good. I prepped a lot of vegetables…


…and made veggie kabobs!

Image 1.jpg

We also grilled chicken breasts and one chicken and (some sort) of herb sausage and that was amazing – easily my favorite part of dinner. While we were waiting for dinner to grill up, we snacked on some rosemary and olive oil bread from Wegmans as well as some fantastic olive oil from Spain (we purchased it at Whole Foods). I promise to write more about this olive oil this weekend!

We sat down to dinner around 9 o’clock last night. I had a beautiful plate of chicken and grilled things!

Image 2.jpg

My plate included grilled zucchini, summer squash, tomatoes, yellow peppers and GRILLED POTATOES – we must discuss how yummy these things were! I also had a few pieces of chicken and I had two pieces of the chicken sausage. (Holy Yum!)

Today I was so lucky to have leftovers at lunch. People were jealous…

Image 4.jpg

I read some Cook’s Illustrated while I ate…

Image 3.jpg

OK, I am signing – but I wanted to be sure to tell you a little about our dinner last night! See you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “The Grilling Continues…

  1. Oh my gosh will you please stop talking about Wegmans? I’m having some major grocery store jealousy over here.

    1. but I can’t stop talking about Wegmans!! I love going there… I need more rosemary & olive oil bread!!!

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