Running… and grilling

The other thing you do not need to worry about is my running. After deciding not to run the Providence Marathon, I was definitely thrown for a loop in my running and training. Once the marathon was off the table, I could not really decide what to do and how far to run and when to run. It was kind of horrible for a while. But I am slowly getting back into it. The nicer weather has definitely helped.

As most of you know, the Boston Marathon was this past Monday. I felt so badly for the runners – it was way too hot to have a marathon starting at 9:30 in the morning. A lot of people had a really hard time – and today is Wednesday, and there are four runners still in the hospital. My thoughts go out to them for a full recovery.

On Sunday morning I ran in the BAA 5K which is a pre-marathon run of sorts. I just love running in Boston Athletic Association events. Everything about them is so well run and the organization is great in general. I found this race to be really wonderful because there were so many people out on the streets cheering for the runners – it was so inspiring. The other great thing about this 5K is that the finish line was the finish line for the MARATHON – how cool is that!?

After the race I grabbed a Starbucks 1% latte and posed for a quick picture with my medal with the finish line in the background 🙂


On Monday night I grilled out for the first time this season. Monday was definitely not a good day to run 26.2 miles – but it was a beautiful night to grill out. I made a few different things for dinner, thankfully someone else did the shopping because almost everyone in the state of Massachusetts had the day off from work… except for me. (Of course.)

Can we discuss for one moment how awesome Wegmans is?? All of the ingredients came from Wegmans for Monday night’s dinner. I was busy cutting and prepping so many different things that I did not take any pictures of my work. But thankfully I did take a photograph of the final product.

We had grilled tuna steaks, that were seasoned with minced ginger, lemon zest, lemon juice, soy sauce, and freshly ground pepper. On the side was grilled zucchini and summer squash, sautéed spinach, and red curry couscous. Can we just say what a way to start the grilling season!? (We don’t really need to discuss the fact that in my house there really is not a “season” for grilling. I grill all year long. It must be a Scandinavian thing.)

The final product:

Image 1.jpg

OK. Enough. I have to get started on tonight’s dinner – yet another grilling adventure. I promise to report back on it in a more timely fashion!! Thanks for tuning in bloggies! I will be back tomorrow.


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