The last couple of weeks…

So, you might have been wondering where I have been over the last couple of weeks. Some blog readers have asked me why I am not writing as much as I usually do. Well, the good news is that I’m not sick (the last time I stopped writing I was in the hospital!). I am just happy and busy. 🙂

In case you were wondering, I have been cooking up a storm. I have been going to the market a lot and I am still eating my normal healthy meals…

Image 5.jpg

(lots of greek yogurt, fresh vegetables, and Kashi frozen meals were on a huge sale at East Side Market a week or so ago – they are so great to have in your freezer for when you are in a pinch!)

On Friday night I I made an amazing dinner, thanks to Jenna’s blog. The recipe we used was for the peanut soba noodle bowls. We used udon noodles instead, but we pretty much followed the recipe which you can find here.

There was a decent amount of prep work, but in all honestly, I don’t think I was working all that efficiently in the kitchen. It was Friday night, it had been a long week and I was enjoying some wine and company as I cooked. What could be better???

The prep looked a little bit like this:

Image 4.jpg

All I can say is that the PEANUT SAUCE was a-mazing stuff! It took me about two hours to get this all together, and I even had a helper in the kitchen. I know I will be making this meal again and maybe next time it will be done in an hour or so… I’ll report back on that one.

The end product was incredible.

Image 3.jpg

We used whole wheat udon noodles, tofu, red peppers, a bunch of fresh cilantro and bok choy. I was a little surprised by how gritty the bok choy was – but we cleaned it three times before blanching it (you’ve been warned, my friends!) We had to cook the tofu for a lot longer than Jenna’s recipe said – but just be patient with it. It will eventually brown, and your patience with this process will be well rewarded. Jenna’s right – you really do not want to flip the tofu more than once or twice as you are cooking it – tofu (even firm and extra firm) can be on the fragile side. 🙂

The time you will put into making this dish is so worth it. The cilantro makes everything taste like summer, and the dish is really light and flavorful – it just tastes sooo fresh.

I highly recommend giving this meal a try the next Friday night you’re in the mood to cook something fun for yourself!


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