Breakfast · Lunch


I think I might have lost the taste for oatmeal. How sad is that?? I’m going to try it again tomorrow to see if I can start liking it again. It is so good for you and it keeps you full for a really long time. Oats are sort of like a blank canvas and you can make them into whatever you want.

My oats this morning were ok.


I started with the following:

1/3 rolled oats

1/3 1% milk

1/3 water

cinnamon, raisins, 1/3 of a banana. I topped it with a teaspoon of Teddie peanut butter. The oats were a little sticky for some reason, so I added a tad of milk once i got them into my bowl. I only put about 3/4 of the oats in my bowl. I don’t think I finished them. Maybe I did, I don’t remember. So that is basically what this bowl of oatmeal was – unmemorable.

I had a mid-morning snack of 1/2 a sandwich thin with a tablespoon of Teddie, and the rest of the banana. It was extremely yummy. 🙂

At 2 o’clock I had lunch, which was very special. Arnold wheat thin, melted cheddar cheese, hummus, dijon, spinach, sliced grape tomato, pickle, a little bit of salmon, and hummus. It was so tasty.


My copy of Cook’s Illustrated came in the mail today. I plan to spend the rest of the afternoon with it.

Leftovers for dinner tonight!


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