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Cupcakes and Salmon

Seriously, what is up with these combinations this week!? So this morning I woke up and made frosting. I had a cup of coffee while I whipped up some cream cheese, butter, vanilla and confectioner sugar. I sampled the frosting and it was good.


Then I frosted 16 cupcakes. I definitely want to open up my own bakery now. Seriously.


They looked so pretty. I packed up some cute Valentine’s day bags with sugar cookies and cupcakes and delivered them to my family and friends. It was 53 degrees in Providence today, so I was glad to be out and about for a little bit. Now of course I am exhausted.

I had mom’s french onion soup for lunch. So. Delicious.

Tonight I made dinner for my mom. Wild salmon, vegetable cous cous, and a spinach, tomato and cucumber salad. The cous cous is one of my favorite side dishes. It is just plain cous cous with diced up red pepper, mushroom, garlic, scallions, carrots, etc. You just dice up all the vegetables and it cooks all together with the cous cous. I season it with a smidge of salt, freshly ground pepper, ginger, coriander, and cumin. It is really easy (but allow time for the chopping!) and is always a crowd pleaser. My friends call it ‘Heather’s homemade cous cous’. 🙂 It can be yours, too!

We had a good amount of vegetables in tonight’s dinner along with 2 ounces of salmon, and whole grains in the cous cous. I had a glass of red wine for good heart health, too.

Insert super grainy photograph here:

I seasoned the salmon with white wine, butter, lemon, rosemary and garlic. We have enough of everything for tomorrow night’s dinner which makes me very happy. I get to push my weekly meal plan back by one night. Wednesday night will be homemade pizza because we have all of the ingredients in either the refrigerator, freezer and pantry! More on my new pantry project tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s day, y’all. I hope you had a great day!


One thought on “Cupcakes and Salmon

  1. Your cupcakes look professional! I gave up on cupcakes long ago. Mine are always so messy. Bet yours tasted good, too!

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