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Comfort Food = A Roasted Chicken

Hi All –

Sorry for being away the last couple of days. I had a super busy post Labor day week. Then on Friday I got sick. Now I’m on antibiotics (which always make me feel horrible) and I have not eaten much at all. Unless you like a blog about toast, I did not have much to report. 😦 It has been sort of an ordeal.

I had a long standing get together on the books with my best friend from ‘high school’ and I really did not want to cancel. Megan came over at 3:30 yesterday, and was seriously patient with me while I recovered from a horrible headache. (Most likely brought on my antibiotics, not eating, forgetting to have coffee Saturday morning and feeling miserable overall.)

Once the Excedrin kicked in (why not take more medicine!? for the record I only took one one and it did wonders for me!) Meg kept me company in my room while I straightened and cleaned for a while. She played with my new camera:


Eventually we got our butts to the grocery store. I really wanted to roast a chicken because it was just about the only thing that sounded good to me. And I felt the need for chicken noodle soup. That will be today’s project.



Herb butter:


The herb butter has thyme, rosemary, sage, and garlic in it. We put it under the chicken’s skin. That was really fun:


I also tied the chick’s legs together instead of doing a formal trussing…


It was tricky. But I got it done. After putting the herb butter into the chicken, we stuffed it with onion, celery and carrots. We put a bit of kosher salt and lots of ground pepper on the outside, too. Half way through while we were basting, I snapped a shot:


We also made green beans (sauteed in water and garlic), mashed red bliss potatoes, and stuffing. For the stuffing we added onion, celery, and mushrooms. It was phenomenal. My plate looked like this:



The gravy separated, but we still used it because it was awesome.

It is now Sunday morning, and I’m starting to feel better. I’m drinking coffee at the moment, trying to avoid another headache. 😀 See you all in a bit – I’ll report on the progress of my stock and chicken soup this afternoon.


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