The other day I was at my favorite bakery to pick up a ginger biscuit. However, I was there at lunch time and I was taken aback by their sandwich selection. I picked up a turkey sandwich to split with Mark. I could not resist:


It was a turkey sandwich with an avocado aioli, apple wood smoked bacon and arugula. It was so yummy.


I feel like I could eat a sandwich like this every day!

This weekend I blogged less and read more. I just had to finish The Girl Who Played With Fire this weekend. I just finished. I cannot wait to start The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. I will be so sad when I am finished with the series. If anyone has similar books to recommend, please let me know! Thanks 😀

Today Mark and I went for a walk / run. We walked a mile and a half (very quickly) and then ran back to our start point. It is such a lovely day outside, and we had a fun time exercising. Time for lunch!


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