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Snowed in Sunday?

Hey ya’ll –

Wow – it is snowing today! I was hoping to drive down to my mom’s house today but the way it has been snowing, I think I might have to go tomorrow morning!

I had a great night’s sleep – fantastic! I woke up pretty early, and started my morning by doing yoga and ab crunches. I was on the yoga mat, exercising for 35 minutes.  After I finished up with some stretches.

The first thing I enjoyed today was a great cup of hot tea and a large glass of water to get myself hydrated for the day.

In case you were wondering, Daisy also woke up very refreshed and energetic this morning! Daisy and I spent a good deal of time today playing fetch. Once she was done, she made herself at home on the semi-folded up yoga mat… 🙂

After yoga, fetch and tea, I refreshed my oats from yesterday. I added a good amount of soy milk to re-hydrate the oats and popped them in the microwave for about 45 seconds.

I added a couple of slivered almonds, raisins, a few chocolate chips, TJ’s ground flax seed, and a spoon of Barney Butter into the oats. Yum.

I am now enjoying Meet the Press with Tom Brokaw and Doris Kearns Goodwin (two of my favorites!) and I am beginning to think about the fact that I will have to go out and shovel after MTP wraps up. Yuck. 👿 😥


One thought on “Snowed in Sunday?

  1. Your workout and food reports are so inspiring!!! I hope you had a nice quiet weekend – I so missed you in DC!!!!

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