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Thursday – a recap for a few days…

Wow! It has been a long while since my last post, I apologize to the avid readers. (All two of you!) I had a long weekend, and got out of the habit of posting every day… lots of stuff going on, and just did not have a free moment really.

But during the last few days, I have kept a photo journal of the types of food I was enjoying, for the most part.

I went home to my mom’s house on Monday – after being snowed in all Sunday. My mom and I had some great food – lots of fresh fruit, especially!  On Monday, we had lots of errands to run and we ended up walking around getting our stuff taken care of for over three hours! One thing on my agenda was to get a new pair of Uggs since my pair has a hole on the left boot 😦  But I cannot complain, since they are six years old – they were great while they lasted!  Of course right now is a super busy time for Ugg purchases, I think.  Nordstrom was OUT of Uggs! I had to place an order – and I hope they arrive soon! Since the hole is above the ankle, I can still wear mine – but I’m excited for my new ones!

After getting our errands done, mom and I were too tired to think about dinner really. So we went to Whole Foods where I got salad, and we both enjoyed their tripple squash soup. I liked this soup A LOT – especially because it was low in sodium (for soup).  I think a serving (one cup) was about 8% of your RDA of sodium.
Here is the salad:
I had mixed greens, grape tomatoes, chickpeas, cous-cous, tofu, cucumber, and carrots.
Here is the soup:
Yum! 🙂

Tuesday was Inauguration Day!! What an exciting day. I spent the early morning hours at the doctor’s office for an appointment which was a long and drawn out process. But Mom and I got home in time to see the festivites!! Thank goodness – I was really worried we were going to miss some stuff, but we got home just in time!

Because I spent the morning at the doctor’s, I had a late breakfast – but it was a great one! I had a packet of TJ’s heart healthy oatmeal (isn’t all oatmeal heart healthy?) and I added half a mashed up banana and a handful of wonderful blueberries… The banana added some bulk to the oats, and the blueberries made it even more wonderful!

For Inauguration Day my mom made a special lunch to celebrate and I made brownies for dessert. The lunch was a Mexican chicken casserole (I’ll have to get the recipe and post it some time soon!) and it was great. It was a mixture of chicken, low fat & low sodium cream of chicken soup, diced onion, celery, cheddar cheese (reduced fat) and eight small tortillas torn into bite sized pieces all mixed together in a bowl. We poured the mixture into a baking pan (9″ x 11″ x 1 1/2″ I think) and topped the mixture with one cup of organic salsa and then topped the salsa layer with a little bit more shredded cheese. We baked it at 350 for 30 minutes. that is just the recipe from my head  – so I don’t know if I would recommend going right off to make it just yet 🙂

Anyhow – the casserole was amazingly great – especially for a freezing cold day. My mom and our friend Annie enjoyed brownies after lunch – but I had to wait until after my gym workout. I certainly enjoyed a brownie after dinner on Tuesday night. Yum.

Wednesday started off just the same as Tuesday. I had a bowl of the same oatmeal (TJ’s oats, 1/2 a banana mashed in, and a handful of blueberries… I even ate it out of the same bowl!)

Come to think of it – a dash or two of cinnamon would have been perfect with this mixture!

After breakfast I had another round of Doctor appointments 👿 Yuck!! I got to work around 12:30 and immediately had lunch. I had packed a Dannon all natural Lemon yogurt and a baggie of awesome red grapes (ya’ll know how much I love grapes!!).

That held me over for a while – and later I had two graham crackers as an afternoon snack.

I thought dinner on Wednesday would be a bit problematic, but all turned out for the best. Ben and I were btoh getting home for the first time in a couple of days, and coming home to a house empty of food for the most part. Thankfully I was able to put together a meager dinner of pasta, tomato sauce and TJ’s turkey meatballs for us. It was not much – but it did the trick! (and I forgot to take a picture of this!?)

This morning I had a great lemon blueberry scone from Euince at Bread and Chocolate. Yum. I was torn between the apple sauce muffin (my favorite!) and the scone.  But the great thing about Bread & Chocolate is that you cannot make a bad decision 🙂

Lunch today was perfect. A wrap of spinach and plain tuna:

I sort of dig the Chicken of the Sea individual size containers! I just grabbed one, put it in my lunch bag and was all set for lunch – so easy! The protein really helped me get through the rest of the afternoon!

Around 3:30 I had to take a break for my afternoon snack. Chobani vanilla with blueberries and granola. That kept me going until I finally got home from my long day at 7:30 tonight!

Ok – well, as you might be able to tell, it’s been a long few days. I’m ready to hit the hay – but I’m so glad to get this post out to you all!

See you soon, I hope!


2 thoughts on “Thursday – a recap for a few days…

  1. The casserole sounds amazing and your description totally made me wanna get up and make it! You must post the recipe soon!

  2. All your combinations sound delicious. I should get more yogurt. I also could eat some oatmeal for dinner and forget to try it. Please post your mom’s recipe.

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