Thursday, a day of Minis…

Wow – I feel like celebrating because I survived Thursday! Only one work day left this week… why is this week so difficult for me!?

I guess it could be because we are in the midst of a “semi” deep freeze here in Boston. It is currently TWO DEGREES outside our house right now!!!  It is the first time all winter that the cold is actually ‘getting to me’. Blah!  Right now I cannot wait for spring time – bringing along with it more daylight, and the ability to jog outside without worrying about slipping on ice!

I was exhausted when I woke up this morning – but I was still able to get to work by 8:15 today! How did I do it? Apparently, by not giving any thought to what I was going to have for breakfast! I got to work with nothing much in my lunch bag to have for breakfast. What was I thinking? I settled for half a Cliff Zbar (which is only about 55 calories!) and that was all I had.  Until 10am I was super busy at work. At 10:10 AM my colleagues and I received an e-mail that there were mini muffins in the lunch room! I had been saved! Someone else thought about what I should have for breakfast (just a couple of hours late)! Sweet!

Here are the three mini-muffins that I had for breakfast 🙂

I was starving by this point – if I had already had a normal breakfast, I might have had one mini muffin or ignored the e-mail all together. But today, it was just perfect timing! Corn, blue berry and carrot – all were wonderful!

For lunch I had two pieces of pizza that were left over from last night’s dinner – thanks to Ben!  Green pepper and pepperoni, along with a bottle of soy milk and a baggie of carrots.  During lunch I also enjoyed a great cup of Vanilla Chai tea! Having the hot drink really hit the spot on such a cold day!

At 3:30 I had an afternoon snack of fat free chocolate pudding. Yes, the same one that I had been carrying in my lunch bag for a week – I finally enjoyed it!  I was not hungry enough for the Greek yogurt today, so that went back home with me and into the fridge. I’m sure I will have it as part of my lunch tomorrow… I’m already planning that in my head 🙂

After work, I went with Ben to one of his work functions. It was a “coffee house” for the students at the school Ben works at. A lot of the students, and even some faculty, read poetry and their writing. It was a wonderful night.  The school even provided some food for the guests!  I had a small turkey mini-sandwich, a mini tuna sandwich, a mini quiche, a mini Poland Spring water (I brought my Sigg bottle to fill up, but today they had bottles instead!) and a surprisingly amazing chocolate chip cookie! Unfortunately, no photo.  😦

We’re getting ready for Grey’s tonight… and I’ll probably make some popcorn for us to enjoy!

Can we all survive one more day?? I hope so!! I hope you’re all having a great week and that everyone is STAYING WARM! If you are getting your run on – I recommend going to the gym and hitting the treadmill! 🙂

PS: I just enjoyed some amazing Kozy Shack rice pudding – it is so good! Yay for Kozy Shack!


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