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Wednesday’s semi-recap

Hey All –

Wow, it’s been a long week – it’s Thursday now and I’m really excited that there is only one day left in the work week!

I was not able to post yesterday after a really long day at work… I did not get home until after 7 Wednesday night!  But here is a brief recap…

I started with a quick breakfast at work – TJ’s fiber with light vanilla soy milk. This is a wonderful combo! The fiber and soy protein can really keep you going for a while – I was especially impressed, since cold cereal usually does not keep me full for very long.

For lunch I had a Teddy peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich on Arnold’s protein bread (yes, I love the protein bread now that I finally found some!!) The sandwich was really great. I’m so impressed with how soft and light the protein bread is.

Along with the sandwich, I had a container of veggies and TJ’s(awesome)  garlic hummus. The veggies were orange bell pepper slices, carrots, and cucumber slices.

The veggies went a long way to keeping me going until I got home from work! The afternoon and evening was so busy that I was not able to have my afternoon snack. Thankfully, the day was super exciting – so I did not mind taking home the Greek Yogurt and saving it for another day 😉

Once I finally got home – Ben had ordered pizza for us, and saved the day. After being on my feet for hours, there was no way I had enough energy to think about dinner. The two pieces of pizza I had really hit the spot.  Sorry – no pictures!

I was in bed by 9:15 last night! I read for a while, and then fell asleep around 10. It was a super long day, and I slept really well last night! :mrgreen:


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