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Is it really only Tuesday?

Ugh. I don’t even know where to begin today’s blog post – sorry to start on such a negative note. This seems like the longest week so far!

This morning I woke up at my normal time, and started getting ready for work – and realized that I had a smashing head ache (bad way to start your day off). So, I decided to take a Tylenol and go back to bed in hopes I would wake up feeling better. I woke up again at 9am and I was feeling better. I started getting ready for work.

I had breakfast at home for a change. It was mostly TJ’s fiber cereal, with the last of the of Kashi Vive mixed in.

I got to the office  late, and went straight to work.

For lunch this afternoon I had leftovers from last night’s dinner. Chicken, cous-cous, broccoli and cauliflower.

Our main office area has a candy jar – and I do not like it very much! I do not have candy from it often, but today I had two pieces!  They were both small pieces of dark chocolate – and they were good.  Normally I pack more for lunch, and today (running behind) I just did not have much to take with me.

My afternoon snack (besides the chocolate that I had at 2:30!) was a piece of protein bread and Barney Butter. I was missing my Greek Yogurt – but this definitely did the trick!

On the way home from work, I could not decide what to do next! I knew I needed to get to the market for veggies and Greek Yogurt but I also wanted to get to the gym. I decided to head to the gym first. I did a simple work out tonight, 35 minutes on the elliptical machine.

After the gym I went to the market where I got veggies to make a salad for dinner tonight. I also bought a great loaf of French bread to go with dinner (yum)!

Tonight dinner was salad with the chicken from last night. We had orange peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and baby romaine lettuce. Ben drizzled olive oil on his salad, and I used balsamic on mine.  We also enjoyed a couple of pieces of french bread. I toasted mine and had it with Earth Balance.

A couple of hours after dinner I enjoyed one of my favorite treats – low fat ice cream with skim milk.  This goes all the way back to my childhood. I used to call it ice cream soup.  The ice cream was double churned cookies and cream. It really hit the spot tonight!

Well, that is about it for the re-cap. Does this week feel really long to anyone else or is it just me? Meh. This week is feeling never ending right now!
Hope everyone has a great Wednesday – I’ll see you sometime tomorrow! 🙂


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