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Tuesday – Summer in Boston

Hi All –

Welcome to summer time in Boston! What on earth is going on? It was 94 degrees today in Boston…. so much for spring! The good news is that things are going back to a more spring like temperature tomorrow… maybe 60. I love temps that are about 65 – 70 (or even cooler if I’m being honest) because it makes being outside enjoyable and it makes exercise easy. My walks today were just darned hot and uncomfortable! Oh well.

This morning I went over to Bread and Chocolate to get a cranberry applesauce muffin… yum!

You probably can’t tell from the photo – but this muffin is a really healthy portion. The muffin fits in the palm of my hand. 🙂

At noon I had a few bits of fruit from my traveling fruit bowl! The grapes that Ben got yesterday really went perfectly with the berries.

Lunch was another turkey sandwich – this time with TJ’s everything pretzel slims (I love these things!!)

My afternoon snack was walnuts and a few semi sweet chocolate chips.  Today I only had half of the portion I had measured out and what is pictured.

At 6:30 I met up with two of my very good girlfriends at Sonsie on Newbury Street. This is our favorite place to meet up in Boston for drinks and aps. We love to catch up with each others lives and (of course) people watch. Fun times!

Before meeting up with my friends I met up with Ben in the Commons and we walked through the Commons and the Public Gardens. It was soooo hot!! It was not the best day to go for a long walk, but eventually I made it to Sonsie. (This is not a far walk at all, but I was totally feeling the heat!)

At Sonsie we ordered spring rolls, calamari and a “burger” mini-pizza. We snacked on everything and all of the food was very good:

Thankfully by the time we were done with dinner, I could feel the city was in the process of cooling down. It was in the 70s when I got off the T – a huge difference from 94 this afternoon. Summer might have been here for a day, but it was not here to stay – not yet at least. I am really going to appreciate the spring weather once it comes back … I think tomorrow it’s only going to be in the 60s and I’m going to love it!

OK all – I hope you are all having a great night! See you tomorrow.


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